It is officially the GREASTEST HOMECOMING ON EARTH and I got you for all of your playlist needs.

I have curated 5 different playlist to ensure you can have a extra lit GHOE. 

GHOE : The Pregame - Not your typical pregame playlist. I made this playlist with songs that you will know and some you may have forgotten about. I tend to get tired of hearing the same songs over and over at functions. If you do too this is the perfect blend for you. 

GHOE : The After Party - This is for grind time. Enough said. Just be safe.

GHOE in Session : The perfect playlist for the more "chill" moments of GHOE. When the session is in session. 

GHOE : The Greek Turn Up - Rep ya set and if you aren't greek MOVE OUT THE WAY 

GHOE : The NCAT19 Special - Special songs that mean so much for the BEST class NCAT has had (YES I SAID IT)

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  • Jas
    Jas Greensboro
    amazing work Nep. J

    amazing work Nep. J

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