2020 .. Not How We Planned

We all started off the decade excited about a fresh start and new beginnings ... boy did we get just that. From the tragic loss of Kobe&Gigi Bryant to losing Pop Smoke and now being in a pandemic due to COVID-19 I think it is safe to say we are all seeking some sort of clarity on what is going on this year. 

With everyone being in quarantine I know this is a challenging time for us all. If you’re anything like me you may need a constant change of scenery or really notice that you enjoy being around people more than you thought and miss it. 

Music is essential in this time for all of us and it’s been the one thing (as always) to keep me same. I curated 13 playlist for different things you may be doing while in quarantine. One of which is a 40 video playlist of my favorite live performances and videos. These are all playlist for your daily routine, moments of reflection, and even entertainment. 

All playlist are available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deepr. 

Deepr is a super cool app with nothing but playlist from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Even if you do not have account for that specific service you can still play the music in Deepr. Click the link here to register! Use referral code NCAT01 when signing up! 






















Youtube Playlist 

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